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Thank you for visiting CSM Implant!

Welcome to CSM Implant and thank you for visiting our web site.

  • Since its foundation in 2000, CSM Implant has provided high quality dental products and service with the clean and safe production environment.
  • Founder/President Sungam Cho who is a professor of, department of prosthodontics, college of Dentistry, Kyung-pook national University, which is one of the leading national universities in Korea. All products are developed by many of experienced dentists and dental specialists in dental implant industry.
  • Our energetic and passionate team members keep discovering the innovation in dental implant system. CSM¡¯s top priority is to meet both dentists¡¯ and patients¡¯ satisfaction with the better implant system based on long-term research and development experience.
  • CSM Implant aims to produce not only superior in quality, but also reasonable in price with user friendly service. All of our uniquely designed dental implants minimize the possible damage on teeth such as loss of surrounding teeth, migration of teeth and teeth structure loss.
  • We will continuously develop clean and safe implant system with our sincere heart and will consistently pursue our number one object which is to meet user satisfaction in terms of esthetic and functional aspect.
  • Thank you for taking your interests and time for CSM Implant, we hope to hear from you soon.
  • From the whole team of CSM Implant

CSM Implant

internal implant fixture

internal implant flow chart

internal implant operation procedure

internal implant unpacking process

internal implant upper part

submerged implant fixture

submerged implant flow chart

submerged implant operation procedure

submerged implant unpacking process

submerged implant upper part