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5 Retrospective multicenter study of csm endosseous denta.. Admin 2011-10-14 12313
4 Retrospective Chart Analysis on Survival Rate of Fixtur.. Admin 2011-10-14 10237
3 The effect of water pyrolysis on the removal torque of .. Admin 2011-10-14 8238
2 The removal torque of titanium screw inserted in rabbit.. Admin 2011-10-14 8941
1 A removal torque of the laser-treated titanium implants.. Admin 2011-10-14 6503

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CSM Implant

internal implant fixture

internal implant flow chart

internal implant operation procedure

internal implant unpacking process

internal implant upper part

submerged implant fixture

submerged implant flow chart

submerged implant operation procedure

submerged implant unpacking process

submerged implant upper part