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Report on 10-Year Clinical Outcome of Tapered Triple-threaded Implant
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Purpose: The tapered double-threaded implant, an external hex-type implant, has a rough RBM surface and is self-taping. This study was aimed at comparing the survival rates of the tapered double-threaded implant and the dental implant with that of other implants by evaluating the effect of the surgical techniques that are used in dental implantation with both types of implants on the survival rate of the implant.
Materials: A tapered triple-threaded implant with a rough RBM surface (external hex type) manufactured by CSM Co., Ltd.
Methods: Data were collected on the diameter, length, implantation site, and initial stability of 478 cases of dental implantation performed on 180 patients by one dental surgeon at this authorí»s hospital from April 1997 to November 2008, and the survival rate of the implant was evaluated.
RESULTS: The survival rate of the implant, which was obtained by examining the number and location of implants from clinical records,showed that of the total 478 tapered triple-threaded implants (external hex type) in 180 patients, three were determined to be failures, with a 99.4% survival
Discussion: The survival rate of the implant increased, and the time from the implantation to the placement of the upper fixture decreased.
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